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Lecture 3

BIO318Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Molecular Phylogenetics, Large Blue, Thymus

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

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BIO318 Lecture 3
- Migration paths of purple martins
oWhy do they migrate?
No food in the north
Freeze to death
Mating problems?
They actually mate in the north during the spring when there’s also
a boom of insects being hatched
Daylight was getting shorter or temperature was dropping
Proximate and ultimate hypothesis
Ultimate: How flying south can be related to fitness
Proximate: referring to the mechanisms such as day length, temperature
or other mechanisms the bird respond to
oUltimate and proximate hypotheses are on different levels and should not be
argued against as it could be both right
- Animal behaviour on ultimate and proximate questions
oProximate and ultimate hypotheses are not alternatives
oFunction and evolution are related to ultimate questions
oDevelopment and causation are related to proximate questions
- Animal Evolution
oOrigin of animals almost a billion years ago
oAt each node, there’s a bifurcation of two lineages
oDots represent genetic change
oCongruence of when it first appeared
- Objectives of this set of lectures
oTalking a lot about social environment
- Large blue butterflies (Maculina)
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