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Jan. 4 lecture notes

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Glenn Morris

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Jan. 4 Lecture #1
-Important terminology:
-naming parts: femur, tentorium, apodeme, muscular hydrostat, coelom, etc
-Describing in words: basad, distad, promote, adduct, etc.
- drawing: visual study, filtering, photographic records
-Imagine it otherwise; if u imagine the organism without the part or thing in study you will
better realize its importance
-Taxonomy: need to have a basic knowledge of taxonomy. Need to know animal phyla and
some species (but definetly animal phyla.
-should know major phyla and their important features and body plans
- We underestimate the # of different species
-over 500 described species of crickets
-resists tension and compression
-anchors the corners of the head
- has a truss structure (shaping an X for support)
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