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Jan. 18 Lecture Notes

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Glenn Morris

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Jan. 18 lecture notes
-Metameric body: serial repetition of body parts. Extends to
nervous system: ganglia
respiratory system: arteries and
excretory system: tubules
-Retrograde waves: Wave travels back through body, the animal moves forward
-constrictions and swellings (bulges)
-Annelid, metamerism, and locomotion of segmented worms
Cloem contract in circular muscles
-lumbricus is used for burrowing
-Metamerism is an adaptation for locomotion
-The paddles on a flat worm reduce coelomic fluid and septums. The paddles are used for
Exoskeleton: dicondylic joint, mandibular apodemes
-Role of tentorium is resisting stress and strain produced by chewing actions
-Condyl: where the dicondylic are inserted
-abductor apodeme is on the cheek
-Apodeme is not a muscle. It is a projection of the cuticle into the body
Crayfish cheliped and segments articulated by the dicondylic joints
-axis of rotation in arthropods is adapted
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