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Jan. 27 Lecture Notes

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Glenn Morris

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Jan. 27 lecture
Scutigera: house centipede
-as you go down the body, legs get longer, shorter, longer, and shorter again
-this is an adaptation to not trip over itself while running
-locomotion by waves
-legs move in metachronal stepping waves
-The body goes right then back to the middle then to the left and then back again to the
-Lift part of its body off the substrate (land)
-What would happen when a crotaline snake that tried to employ sidewinding in water?
-unlike on land, its body will have to always be on the substrate
Fish swimming
- body waves moving retrograde
-yaw: head moving side to side. From lateral force
-the amount of thrust increases as you go towards the rear
Back to the snake
-Study performed:
-on frictionless are the snakes body makes a lot of waves but makes no progress
- when pegs are put down, they can move
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