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Feb. 1 Lecture Notes

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Glenn Morris

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Feb. 1 Flea jump continues… and Levers
-flea anscestors have wings, why did they lose the wings?
-resilin: high elastic protein 97% resiliency
-releases energy in high distortion
-And in high/low temp
-The rate at which it provides energy from storage. Energy can be stored longer and be
released quicker than muscles. The jump from resilin is more powerful (higher rate)
How often do fleas jump
-unfed fleas can jump regularly. 1 flea jumped 600x and hour and another 1000x an
-unfed makes it need to jump for food
-rate is measured by the sound of the jumo
-The fleas muscles are all based on the axis of dicondylic joints of the trochanter.
-The levator lifts. Levator of the trochanter mucscle that pulls the trochanter
-Antagonistc to the tendon (depressor of the trochanter)
-if they both contract at the same time, no movement of the limb is possible.
-the trochanter is pulled against the coxa which is also pulled against the under body
against the plural arch (resilin is in there) creating energy by cocking its legs back, and the
latch (catch) is engaged.
-with the legs cocked the levator muscle can relax while its cocked.
-squeezing the body together releases the catch
-fulcrum is where the lever is
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