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Lecture 4

BIO328H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sexual Selection, Statistical Power, Coevolution

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Karen Williams

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Lecture 4
Last day
o Co-evolution between parasites and control the behaviour of the host
Extended phenotype
parasite may induce symptoms in the host
o Look for evidence to rule out hypothesis
Statistical power of experiments decline in terms of the scientific truth and wears off
Regreassion to the mean
o Scientific outliers
o Basic more comprehensive sensible analysis
Science is not a very good way of finding out truths
o Turn to well tested hypothesis instead
Conflict between and within the sexes
Social interactions between members of the same species
Sexual dimorphism
o Peacock and feathers
o Body size, structures like elephant whales
o Webs in spider
o Weaponary such as in stag beetles (females don’t have them)
o Male parasitic fish in female
o Hair important to detect bed bugs
Darwin come up wit hthe idea to explain sexual dimorphism
o Sexual selection in competition for passing on genes
Also Alfred Wallace
o But Darwin rushed the abstract to printers
Diff penis sizes in lizards
o A genital display when implanted in female
Biologists accept darwins idea that males evolve weaponry
We tend to think of structures diff b/w males and females
Sexual selection is the reason why males differ more than females
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