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Lecture 3
Focus and concerns
-the # composition distribution of people in relation to variations in conditions across the globe
-unequal distribution of pop
-significant variation in pop dynamics(birth rate, death rate , growth rate)
-concern of disconnect populations and resources
Population dynamics: births
Crude Birth Rate (CBR):
# of live births(LB) in one year multiplied by the total population (TP) divided by 1000[ LB/ TP *1000 =CBR]
Some geographic patterns that influence birth rate are:
Economic structure
Social structure
Cost of children
Role of women in society
Population dynamic death:
# of of death (ND) in one year divided by the total populations(TP) multiplied by 1000s
Geographic patterns that influence death rate:
Economic structure:
Influence food supply,water,medical facilities
Social structure:
Welfare,role of women
Cause of death :
Geographical variations
Structure of populations:
Proportions of young/old in population
Population Growth Rate of natural increase:
CBR 35 by 1000 people
CDR 5 by 1000 people
NRI = 30 by 1000 people
Divide by 10 to express
Double time = 70/ RNI
Problems with crude measurements:
-does not consider the population structures
-to overcome these processes you have to included other indices
-The increase of pop, gives us a perdicive perspective on society
-rate of natural increase, doubling time
-immgiration helps to stabilize pop and grow pop
problems with crude measurments
-crude birth and crude death rate
does not consider the population structure
-how to over come these problems
introduce additional indices
Total fertility rate(TFR)
Av # of children a women will have, assuming she has children at the privileging sp rates as through fertility
Consider the structure of pop
The additude towards fertility
Age profile of pop
Culture of pop
-Atti towards birth role of female, age of marriage,contraception
Economic structure
-need/cost of children
Infant mortality rate is
-death under 1 year of age per 1,0000 live births
tells us about the economic rate
What inflluences infant mortality/
Food and water
Medical facitlites
Age of mother
Levels of poverty
How is IMR more information the CDR