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Lecture 12

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Maria Arts

Lecture 12 - The Nature of Natural Selection and Adaptation October 25, 2011 Evolution (according to) Lamarck - individuals change (during their lifetime) in response to their environment and changed traits are passed to offspring Darwin and Wallace - individuals do not change; better adapted individuals produce more offspring Misconception: individuals change explanation: using Lamarcks mechanism for evolution leads to this misconception individuals do not change explanation: individuals that produce more surviving offspring than other individuals in a pop'n cause a change in the genetic makeup of the pop'n. Evolution by Natural Selection: explanation: differential reproductive success resulted in a pop of offspring w/diff-sized beaks - mutation for resistance in TB already present in organism explanation: gene occurred randomly in the pop ans was advantageous under certain conditions (presence of antibiotics) differential reproductive success Acclimation/ Acclimatization - a phenotypic change that occurs in an individual in response to a short-term change in environmental conditions - athletes acclimatize to their environment (holland vs colarado) when competing to perform better - has a genetic basis Evolution - correcting the misconception explanation: modern evolutionary theory: no "higher" or "lower" organisms - only more ancient and less ancient grps w/ diff adaptations that allow them to thrive in diff environments Nature of Evolution - complex traits mau be s
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