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Lecture 13

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Maria Arts

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Lecture 13 - Evolutionary Mechanisms Mutations - increase genetic diversity; create/add new alleles into the population - cause random changes in genes: can be neutral, but many result in deleterious alleles (alleles that lower fitness e.g. sick cell anemia) - can produce a beneficial allele that increases in frequency in a population due to natural selection Mutation as an Evolutionary Mechanism - especially important in prokaryotes b/c fast generation time (binary fission, etc.) What Role Does Mutation Play in Evolutionary Change? - Relative fitness: increased over time in jumps ( each jump was a novel mutation); new mutations conferred a fitness benefit Explaining the Pattern (new slide) - Study of Escherichia Coli - mutation is the ultimate source of genetic variation - w/ no mutation, evolution would stop - mutation/variation has to be present for natural selection t
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