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Maria Arts

Lecture 8135136CR 131 Gene Interactions And Genetic VariationGENE INTERACTIONS Genetic Polymorphism Polymorphic traits more than 2 distinct phenotypes are present in a population due tomultiple alleles of the same gene example B globin trait o2 carrying capacityINCOMPLETE DOMNIANCE Heterozygotes have an intermediate phenotype since alleles of a gene are notalwaysclearly dominant or recessive Example Colour in 4oclock flowers P1 RR purple x rr white F1 lavendar F2 121 phenogenotypenote expected 31 pheno ratio121 genotype and purple in F1 Flower colour is controlled by a single gene w 2 alleles R and r Because R codes forpigment production it is the allele responsible for intermediate colour rrlack pigmentExample Snapdragons Red x whiteF1 pink x pink14r 1p 14 wpxw 12 pink12 white CODOMINANCEHeterozygotes have a phenotype that is combination of that of 2 homozygotes Phenotypeassociates with both alleles present Both alleles equally dominantexpressedMNExample Roan colour in horsesL gene codes for plasma membrane glycoprotein in RBC LandLFor MNtype membrane glycoproteins some have Mor N phenotype In LMLM all have MM and N alleles code for proteins w diff AA sequence both are present in heterozygotes note completeincomplete dominance tend to occur in alleles that code for enzymes Ex height hdefect keeps enzyme making GH from functioning Henzyme functions normally Bcof H allele enough enzyme made to
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