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Lecture 13

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Maria Arts

Lecture 13 Evolutionary MechanismsMicroevolution Evolutionary Forcesfive evolutionary forces can significantly alter the genetic structure of a population mutation gene flowgenetic drift nonrandom mating differential reproductive success selectionMUTATIONchange in the base sequence of DNA major source Properties o increase genetic diversitycreateadd new alleles into the population o cause random changes in genes neutral deleterious beneficial can be neutral AA but many result in deleterious alleles lower fitness ex sickle cellas it hampers the oxygen carrying ability It is around bc has advantage in specific situationcan produce beneficial allele that increases in frequency in a population due to NSex bacteria that causes tuberculosis with mutation bacteria was able to survive in env with antibioticso relatively rare Mutation as an evolutionary mechanismcan be significant evolutionary force in Bacteria and Archaea short generation times for prokaryotes as they divide by binary fissiono no sexual reproduction giving genetic variationas an evolutionary mechanism mutation is relatively slow compared with natural selection genetic drift and gene flow What role does mutation play in evolutionary change
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