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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Maria Arts

LECTURE 11 EVOLUTION IN ACTIONNATURAL SELECTION examples of selectionEvolution by pollutionEvolution in agricultureAntibiotic resistanceSelection in response to environmental changesEvolution by POLLUTION Evolution of industrial melanism in the peppered moth Background concealment hypothesiso Before 1850 dark moths rare o Industrial pollutiono Black moths had higher survival rates more difficult to see by bird predators o Result concealment worksNatural Selection is the Mechanism of Evolution 1 Variable traits that are heritable ex Color 2 Environmental pressure predation ex Predators see moth that are easier to spot3 Individuals that survive and reproduce are not a random sample fo the population Essence of evolution by natural selection heritable variation leads to differential survival and reproduction Offspring w advantageous allele is selected for Variationmutationdiff geno Evolution changes the genetic composition over time Which colour moth is better adapted to environment Depend son what environment it is NS of different moths Dark are better adapted to environment that is polluted Adaptation does increase fitness
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