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Lecture 19

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Lecture 19 Female Choice Ch 25 Sec 256 asymmetry of sexexamples of female choicebenefits of female choice directindirectwhy do females choose exaggerated traitsAsymmetry of Sexegg resourceenergy rich few largeFemales produces relatively few young during their lifetimesperm inexpensivesmallmany o females usually invest more in the offspring than males do o typically produce relatively few offspring o fitness is limited primarily by the ability to gain resources necessary to producerear young Female Choice the behaviour a female shows in choosing a mate preference behaviour that biases the mating success of males toward the preferred type female preference behaviour depends upon phenotype of malesfemales chooses male with preferred traits contribute good allelesresources to offspring ex bowerbird females look at the males nest decoration and appearance is chosenLong tails bright colours energetic courtship display healthiestbest fed in populationex how do female barn swallows choose matesTail Manipulation Experiment African Long Tailed widowbirds Q are long tails preferred by females Experiment manipulate tail lengthnatural tail Nreduced tail RElongated Tail LSham Surgery Scutp
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