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Lecture 17

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Maria Arts

Lecture 17 Evolution and BehaviourCan animals thinkCognitionRecognition and manipulation of facts about the world and the ability to form concepts and insights Higher order thinking able to manipulate something in your environment Tested by setting up experiments that animals can solve problemsNew Caledonian Crows make tools and solve complex problems New Caledonian Crows Make and Use Several Types of Toolsex Straight sticks are used to fish or pry food from crevices Hooks are made by breaking partsoff leaves Several cuts and tears are used to make spearing tools Experiment can crows think Crows will figure out how to use the wire as a tool to remove thebucket from the tube Results Female crows can use tools to solve problemscan maketools from unfamiliar materials to solve problems Hypothesis supported by expevidenceFurther tests show that they can use other toolsmodify them to solve problems see diagramWhat is Adaptive Significance Learning learning is an adaptation that helps organisms it increases fitness if behaviour enhances survival and reproduction Ex rats are good at going through maze
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