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Introduction to Evolution 1 Origins of evolutionary thought 2 Darwins Voyage 3 Evolution factsfictiona Misconceptions b Evolution as theory not hypothesisOrigins of Evolutionary Thought1760 Compte de Buffon o Specimens that were older are ancestors of currently living species Suggest change occurring in organisms1795 Hutton theory of gradualism o Natural landforms change not static River flowing through gorgeeroded change 1798 Malthus essay on the principles of populations o Looks at reproduction of humans sees overpopulation1809 Lamarck theory of evolutionPre Darwininan ViewsLargely based on religious beliefs Life EvolutionTheologyo Plato 427347BCphilosophy of idealismLiving organisms were in perfect and ideal state goal nonideal to perfection o Aristotle 384322BC believed species were fixed Thought organisms goal was to increase in complexity o JudeoChristian cultureaccount of creation all species were individually designed and were permanent o Linneaus 17071778 developed classification scheme to reveal Gods plan JeanBaptise de Lamarck 17441829First to use term evolutionFirst to provide a casual mechanism Inheritance of acquired characteristicsChanges acquired over lifetimeEx Giraffes neck lamarcks example neck stretches as if you use something a lotdevelop more If you dont use it doesnt develop Giraffe requires longer neck and is passed onto the offspring How did long necks evolve in giraffesLamarck Acquiredsomething you do now Ex Increase in muscle mass when working out cant pass muscle to children Darwin mentions genetics If long necks are imp for survival than the individuals with longer necks are going to survive betterproduce more offspringlong neck is going to pass on to offspring Note didnt know anything about genetics first time mentioning Darwin spent time reading specimens Darwin knew that certain traits could be inherited Ex Racing horses are diff body build than other horsesHow did Evolutionary Thought EvolveIdea of evolution predates DarwinSpecies diversitydiff and similarities FossilsResembled species living in present Ancestors of species we have todayGeology Rock formations Earth was more older than what researcherssay
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