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Lab Report of Absorption of Water experiment.(1) R.Q.: What is the effect of water on dry fruits? Hypothesis: If dry fruits are soaked in water then the weight of the dry fruits will be heavier after an hour because of osmosis. Variables: Independent Variables: The 3 variables are dry fruits which include 3 black raisins and 3 brown raisins. Dependant Variable: Weight of all 3 dry fruits after being soaked in water. Constant Variable: Volume of water and constant variable would be 1 hour. Apparatus and Materials: Dry fruits like dates, black raisins, water, measuring cylinder, beaker and single pan weighing balance, stop clock. Method: 1) Fill 100 ml of water in a beaker. 2) Weigh the weight of dry fruits. 3) Let the dry fruit remain in the beaker for 1 hour. 4) Take out the dry fruit and weigh the dry fruits. 5) Record the weight of the dry fruit and measure the amount of water remaining in the beaker. 6) Perform steps 1-5 for the other two dry fruits. Observation: Weight of dry fruits – W 1ms. Weight of dry fruits after being soaked in water – W2gms. Weight of water absorbed – W gms. Weight of water taken – Vme. Percentage of water absorbed = W/V x 100 Dry wt Amount of Vol. of H 2 Dry Fruit (gm) H 2 left absorbed Wet Wt. Diff. in Wt. 5.03 98 ml. 2 5.45 0.42 Brown Raisins 2.
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