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Lecture 4

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Christoph Richter

Lecture 4 - Phylogeny Thursday, 16 January, 2014 11:46 AM Today's Topics: Announcements: Homework:  Practicing Phylogeny  Biology seminar on Friday Assignment 1 (23 Jan) ○ Drawing trees 12PM at CCT2150 MasteringBiology/MyLabs ○ Outgroups  Ruth Hufbauer on rescuing practice questions ○ Non-monophyletic populations from Chapter 28 groups extinction using demographic inputs Lecture Topic: Assignment 1  All information is on the BIO153 library link in portal  Follow instructions exactly  Don't have to rewrite the questions, just indicate which question is being answered ie: Question 1a), Question 3c), etc  Answers should be in full sentences but not full paragraphs ○ Shorter is better - be concise Research Opportunity Program  Announcements will begin next week on opportunities Derived vs. Ancestral  Are feathers a derived or an ancestral characteristic when you compare: ○ Songbirds with ducks?  Both songbirds and ducks have feathers, so it is a shared characteristic  Since both have it, the ancestor most likely also had feathers □ If the ancestor didn't have feathers, it had to evolve twice □ If it had feathers, it only had to evolve once  The more simple tree is assumed to be the more likely, so feathers are an
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