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Lecture 5

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Christoph Richter

Lecture 5 - Protists Tuesday, 21 January, 2014 12:56 PM Today's Topics: Announcements: Homework:  Protists  Bio seminar in CC2150 on Assignment 1 Friday at noon Lab 2  Eukaryotes  Lyle White, McGill Read ch. 29.1-29.3 University on cryomicrobiology Lecture Topic: Example protists:  Foreminifera (foramen = window or hole, fer = carrying or bearing) ○ Produce the material used in the pyramids, white cliffs of Dover ○ Calcium carbonate, CaCO 3  Diatomsare also protists ○ Structure and forms all completelydifferent Protists form the basis of aquatic food chains in rivers, lakes, oceans  Their wellbeing as a species affects the wellbeing of species higher up in the food chain The rest of the course deals with eukaryotes:  Know the difference between bacteria, archaea, and eukarya  Eukarya name origin ○ Eu from Greek word for "well" ○ Karyon = kernel or nut ○ All have a cell nucleus - looked like a nut within a cell  Includes a commonancestor of all eukaryotes ○ Many, many protists which are a paraphyletic group  Monophyletic - the entire branch is the group and is the entire group □ Snip test - with one snip, cut off only that group and all of that group  Paraphyletic - all the descendants are in a branch but part of the branch is not part of the group □ The branch includes more taxa than it should  Polyphyletic - the descendants are spread over multiple parts of the tree □ That branch for the group does not have all the species it should have ○ Also includes fungi, animals, and land plants  All eukaryoteshave a membrane-bound nucleus ○ Currently accepted hypothesis for the evolution of the nucleus:  Ancestor with no nucleus has chromosomes  Plasma membrane folds in  Formationof nuclear envelope which encircles the chromosomes, forming
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