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Lecture 7

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Christoph Richter

Lecture 7 - Plants Tuesday, 28 January, 2014 1:17 PM Today's Topics: Announcements: Homework:  How did land plants evolve?  Bio seminar - Patrick Lab 3 this week  How did they adapt to land Gunning Assignment 2 conditions?  Targeting protein-protein Midterm next week interactions Lecture Topic: Different types of chlorophyll - chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, β-carotene  Chlorophyll a might be a synapomorphictrait - found on multiple branches; no commonancestor ○ Found in many branches of the eukaryotetree - in algae and in plants  Why are there different photosyntheticpigments? ○ Could be better in different environments - light vs. dark ○ Each combination of pigments allows them to absorb different areas on the light spectrum - avoids competitionwith other plants Organisms began in water - how did they evolve to becometerrestrial?  Began with green algae (725 mya), Cooksonia pertoni (475 mya), the first land plant  Green algae and land plants share characteristics - a hint that land plants came from green algae ○ Presence of chlorophyll a and b, β-carotene ○ Presence of thylakoids in the chloroplasts ○ Similar cell wall composition ○ Starch as storage product in chloroplasts ○ Peroxisomes(specialized oxygen processing) have similar structure  Biggest problem with land evolution:lack of water ○ Land is drier than water ○ Change in gases surrounding the plant - respiration would have to change ○ Less support needed in water than on land  Need some way to transport nutrients against gravity ○ Shielding needed from UV radiation  How to solve these problems and use new resources to find H 2 ○ Reallocationof resources to reduce water loss ○ Developedcuticles (thin waxy layer outside s
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