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Lecture 5

Lecture 5-6 Protists I-II.docx

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Christoph Richter

Lecture 4 Protists I beautybiologyconstructing phylogeny of eukaryotesmystery of mitochondria foraminifera leftovers make marble figure out how old layers are Protists are at the base of aquatic food chainsimp for aquatic env Eukaryotes are the last domainlook at evolutionary history to get insight on species Eight major prokaryote lineages not FAC Eukaryotes have a membrane bound nucleus all eukaryotes have this its a synapomorphy other organisms don have itNuclear Envelope originated from folds of the plasma membraneancestor with chromosome flowing freely plasma membrane folds inencloses chromosomes formation of nuclear envelope lose connection to outside membraneQuestion1 Given this evidence of origin of nuclear envelope what would you expect in todays eukaryotes structure should be similar as cell membrane and nuclear envelope came from same space ER is around the nucleus by infolding of membrane In todays eukaryotes you would expect the ER to be connected to the nuclear membrane this is what you see Origin of infolding cell membrane Similar structures and make up of cell membranes Nucleus allowed for innovation in gene expression archaea and bacteria transcriptiontranslation occur in same areaeukaryotes transcription and translation seperated o diff forms of rna processing o gene expression could be better controllednuclei in eukaryotes are very diverse diff range of control mechanisms that determine processes by nuclei membrane
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