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Lecture 3

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Christoph Richter

Lecture 3 Bacteria and Archaea I bad bacteriagood bacteriacreating another kingdomone of the stars E ColiThe Plague Spread Across Europe within 4 years disease spreadtook centuries for europe to settle back inWhy no CureWore a mask birds beak shape Plague was brought by bad airNo idea what caused disease Do not know bacteria europe came from warm climate to ice agepoor harvest famineAre Bacterial Really Bad Cyanobacteria crucial and helpfulCyanobacteria evolved aerobic respirationProduce oxygen as a byproduct from photosynthesis oxygen is a better e acceptor than other chemicals Gives more energy gain vs fumaratenitratebc of large energy release in metabolic pathways we can think of evolution of eukaryotes Without cyanobacteria there would not be enough oxygen no oxygen before cyanobacteria yaxis oxygen concentration every o2 molecule oxidized with other metalso2 started to rise and increaseAristotle 384322 BC only recognized 2 kingdoms plants and animals Trees become more complicatedEernst Haeckel 1866 drew phylogenetic tree have third branch of protistsEarly trees were based on morphologydomains bacteriaeukarya archaea bacteriaarchaeamonophyleticsister groups ribosome 2 parts large subunit and small subunit contain RNA crucial organisms of cellular respiration
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