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Lecture 7

BIO200 Lecture 7

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Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 7 September-26-13 5:44 PM Temporarily remove drug (holds on to it) from water --> High partition coeff, significantly concentrate in body fat according to partition coeff Digoxin - pure extract of digitalis Lectures Page 1 / but saturable and competable Acids compete with acids Bases compete with bases Except neostigmine Most cases effect is good Once drug enters, they're protected from elimination (esp. body fat/ muscle protein) We want longer half life as possible If you know [] in plasma then you know [] in extravascular water Intravascular is constant communication in inconsti [] blood fluid = [] external fluid = [] in receptor Total concentration in plasma is bound to "free" (drug in plasma) Lectures Page 2 Also a bolus injection Peak - clump of molecules in vein Equilibrated in vascular system Lectures Page 3 1st minute - mixing Equilibrated in vascular system (distribution) Moving out into body of water (elimination) Lectures Page 4 Initial IV injection to make you unconscious then put you in gaseous inhalation to maintain anaesthesia Many blood vessels Intermediate blood supply Few blood vessels - not much blood flow Technique that uses small dose of the drug to make you unconscious including: Drug will first attack vessel rich group - heart and liver but these do not respond to anaesthetic Until it reaches the brain - will be full of drug and you'll fall asleep - Get into IV very fast Co for the whole body - extrapolate from elimination graph so that you get a right Co (when the drug has equilibrated in the body) - Concentration of halothane in each group vs. time VRG - quick MG - slower
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