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Lecture 15

BIO200 Lecture 15

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 15 November-05-13 5:13 PM Abbreviations that doctors use: HS - at bedtime (in the hour of sleep) *Drug [ ] in blood levels A mathematical approach What the doctor gives you Fixed ratio to the free [ ] = total plasma [ ] Lectures Page 1 (kidney/ liver works more slowly) Change in [] over time is the fraction of c Zero/ first order is fixed (does not depend on anything) Lectures Page 2 This is Co Suppose we stop infusion, time of zero is also a plateau where drug is all gone Lectures Page 3 5 x t1/2 to reach plateau for Q2 t1/2 does not change regardless of where the plateau is There is a low rate of infusion (Q1) Lectures Page 4 3% is insignificant Lectures Page 5 Look at right column Ignore middle row (kt) f = How you've gone to a new plateau Example: time elapsed = 2 x t1/2 for f=0.75 *Bottom right column Lectures Page 6 Top of fluctuating graph is Cmax, bottom is Cmin **F = first pass effect = 1 - E f=fractional attainment Cther = is the dose that produces therapeutic effect (below graph) Ctox = is the dose that produces toxic effect (above the graph) Lectures Page 7 Every injection/ dose - Shows gradual This graph u
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