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Lecture 16

BIO200 Lecture 16

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 16 November-07-13 5:14 PM Greatly exceeds what we know from normal curve Some people will have no effect or toxicity Know variations are possible Lectures Page 1 Non-compliant- the person doesn’t take the drug or not in proper time The doctor is baffled because patient is not taking the drug properly People tend to be compliant in most cases The data from preventative drugs The effect of drug is not seen, then tend to be non-compliant The disease doesn’t hurt Drugs with short t1/2 may need to need to be taken more times in a day- Breakfast, lunch, dinner (schedule is often and inconvenientsometime people eat outside so it's awkward) Often question - I forgot to take my drug, what shouldI do? No result = then we suspect non-compliance(test the blood, if no drug in blood then non- compliant) Often teenager,and experience no seizures yet (if epileptic) Placebo is when peoplethink they are taking drug but not really A lot of peoplewill get side-effects even in placebo People in pain - Half were given morphine, half placebo Patients can ask for more morphine Apparently, placeboworked better than morphine did Reason: Brain can affect the body (physiological changes) so you won't feel pain Lectures Page 2 How drug is made into a pill/ syrup/ injection Pills - good to make big enough so easy to handle - Some are more densely packed, some have more fillers (formulation often leads to different bioavailability) - Some will give 100% dose, some will give less (few pharmacodynamicsas well) - Usually reduced doses for babies or elderly becausethey're not good eliminators - Gender differencesin some species, female rats are more sensitive to drugs than male - Women are overdosed (some think we should care but some don’t) Process is differentfor some people. Some get little effect because they have better organs, some get too much effect (lack ability to eliminate drug) Cirrhosis of liver or kidney failure, easy to overdosewith low Po/w Heart problems, not pumpingwell, then overdose high Po/w drugs because blood flow to kidney is diminished Presence of other drugs in body, usually in older patients because they take many drugs Drug interactions - one drug affect the other which may increase or decrease effect of other drug You will become insensitive to the drug (metabolictolerance) nothing more than induction of
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