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Lecture 18

BIO200 Lecture 18

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 18 November-14-13 5:08 PM Designing for a specific person instead of givinga general drug for all Lectures Page 1 Usually there's difference in blood levels Variation is also between differentspecies for the way they biotransform drugs Whole point of variability is so they can survive cataclysmic event Given up a lot of We know more of No difference in bloodlevels, receptors respond differently pharmacokineticvariability, and usually variability is pharmacokinetic, sick animals will have roughly same receptors as normal (so variabilityin pharmacodynamic is rare) Many disorders are polygenic, 3 or more genetic variations Anxiety disorders, schizophrenia- often polygenic Lectures Page 2 1% or more of population will have this abnormality One in 10,000 show genetic abnormality Hypersensitivity syndrome (to drugs) There are some soluble drugs in blood Ex. 70%ASA, 30%SA, cholinesterases Plasma/serum cholinesterases - soluble in the blood, breaks down some drugs Succinylcholine: muscle relaxer, use for surgery, you are paralyzed and will not be able to breathe The effect will wear off; but some peoplewill still experience effect so doctors have to put artificial respiration. Cocaine: Half life - 1 hr, you do
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