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Lecture 7

BIO204 Lecture 7 (CH10)

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

7 (CH10) October-14-13 8:41 AM Calvin Cycle (Calvin-BensonCycle) • Melvin Calvin • Used radioisotope14CO 2 ○ Tracer experiments ○ Mapped the route of CO during photosynthesis 2 Trivial – take a few CO2, add water and get some glucose!??? How Is Carbon Dioxide Reduced to Produce (Glucose/Sucrose)Triose-P? • light-dependent reactions & CO re2uction of the Calvin cycle ○ two separate but linked processes in photosynthesis • ATP and NADPH are produced by photosystemsI and II in presence of light • The reactions producing sugar from CO in2the Calvin cycle are light-independent • The Calvin cycle reactions can occur in the dark, BUT require ATP and NADPH produced by light dependent reactions Carbon dioxide is reduced in 3 Phases in the Calvin Cycle in the stroma of the chloroplast (1) Fixation: 1 CO2 + ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP) -> 2 3-phosphoglycerate Attachment of CO2 to an organic compound is called carbon fixation (2) Reduction: 2 3-phosphoglycerateare phosphorylated by ATP and reduced by NADPH -> 2 glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate (G3P) (3) Regeneration: Remaining G3P is used in reactions that regenerate RuBP G3P is the product of the Calvin Cycle • 1 turn of the Calvin cycle fixes 1 molecule of CO2 • 3 turns of the Calvin cycle produce 1 molecule of G3P Not glucose, sucrose or starch! • Where do mono- and disacharides comefrom? (Sucrose, Glucose) -> End product synthesis in subsequent reactions Endproduct synthesis: Sucrose and starch are the main products of photosynthesis Synthesis of starch & sucrose from triose-p derived from photosynthesis • Export of G3P moleculesfrom Calvin cycle to cytosol: ○ glucose, fructose, -> sucrose. • Rapidly photosynthesizing cells accumulate glucos
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