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Dax Urbszat

BIO204 lecture September 12, 2013 - Strategy behind being diverse is to be more competitive for water and resources in the soil. Plants that are highly competitive can survive long periods of drought. - Idea behind these diverse roots is to compete in conditions with limited resources. - Shade leaves: large, broad and thickness is different. Sun leaf: small Primary growth - Three primary tissue systems- protoderm, ground meristem, procambium - Meristems: can develop into any type of tissue they want. Can perform mitosis and cell division, result in new cells (increasing number of cells) - Apical meristems: extend plant body. Protected by root cap. Protected by leaf primordial in shoot.apical meristem in lateral bud is where the twigs develop. 3 different types of tissues that develop from apical meristems Protoderm: differentiates into the dermal tissue system. Surrounds the entire the root system. The skin. Ground meristem: differentiates into ground tissue system. Procambium: differentiates into vascular tissue system. Center of the root. Youngest part of the root is the tip of the root. Epidermal cells- secretes cuticle that protects plant from excessive water loss from epidermal cells Gas exchange- release of water vapor, and oxygen. Intake of carbon dioxid
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