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sources of metaboilic energet raw material fro growth and tissue repair maintenance essential nutrients: our own body cant make it therefore we have to obtainn it nutrients that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained in the diet carbohydrates e.g. glucose = monosaccharides (single unit of carbohydrate - C,H,O) disaccharide = glucose + fructose = sucrose polysaccharides: lots of subunits of monomers linked together to give us a long chain examples of polysaccharides: starch: storage form of sugar in plants storage form in animals storage in cell wall of plants Proteins: essential amino acids: cant make it on our own 3 types of Lipids 1. steroids 2. phospholipids 3. fats Vitamins essential for proper body function Vitamin D our body can make it on its own but needs sunlight we have cholestrol in our body which is very important and very essential for normal life; this cholestrol hits with sunlight, absorbs UV radiation and converts into form Vitamin D3.  Vitmain D needed for: affects calcium absorption  enhances bone growth sunlight! linked to calcium absorption! read canadian issues 43.1  vitamin D attached to Vitamin D receptor and crosses thru nuclear membrane to nucleus and binds to a gene which is reposnle for making a calcium bindinng protein  mechanism of calcium absorption! Folate  one of the vitamins function: important for development of the fetus! talking about the reproductive aspect as well not enough folate = abnormalities in the fetus in men, folate is important for sperm production! high UV: if light skinned: u absorb UV radiation  adequate amount of vitamin D dark skinned:skin protected with melanin, inhibits folate o interference from UV  adequate folin in low UV light lower vitamin D production for dark skinned UV: responsible for the evolution of skin color in people Minerals: need smaller amount: micronutrients vitamin D: responsible for uptake of calcium
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