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Lectures 7, 8 and 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christoph Richter

Lecture 7 - October 1, 2012  Nature walk w.dr.kotanen (Wednesday @ 12:10 - North doors of Library) Q. Is the following likely a real Organism? The organism reproduces shortly after birth and continues to reproduce every year, giving birth to numerous, large offspring. Ans. Physically no, also animals have limitations based on resources available, environment etc.  Fecundity: lifetime reproductive success of individual  Fecundity affects survivàof individual b/c resources for health etc. Used up for reproduction  Douglass fir trees: higher number of cones = less growth in tree (skinnier annual rings)  For European kestrels having a larger brood (more chicks) = less survival rate for chicks and smaller body mass  Semelparous - organism that reproduces only once in its lifetimre (ex. Salmon, some plants)  Iteroparous = multiple reproductive events in lifetime  Pumpkinseed Sunfish. (Lepomis gibbosis) o Invest more in reprodutcion from beginning b/c high mortality rate as adults o Reproductive organ to rest of body size ratio is high Lecture 8 - October 3, 2012  For pumpkin seed fish adult mortality is high so they start reproducing at a very young age and invest more into reproduction as compared to other fish that live longer  26 caribou (24 males, 4 females)  Feed on lichens which grow really slow so b/c of limited food supply population quickly declined  Rep
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