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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 25 - Case study: do corridors have value in conservation? - The methods o How to protect species that requires large amount of space o Introducing corridors and how effective are they? o Open areas where the trees are cut down and then have connecting corridors between different habitat spaces o It is possible to carry ecological experiment in this type of scale  Rare and expensive and hard to do - Results o *p<0.1 o **p<0.05 o ***p<0.01 o There are more movements of animals when there’s corridors compared to no corridors o Two species of butterflies, field mouse and plants o The corridors have different importance to different species  Most significant for insects o Hard for butterflies to get through the corridors? No reason for them to fly through because the flowers they pollinate does not require for them to travel? o Larger animals need to move more? - Interpreting the results o Briefly describe the overall pattern you see in the data  More movement in connected patches o For which species are the results significant?  Depending on the significance level, it’s species in panels A), B), D) and E), and possibly F) o Does your answer to question 2 suggest any patterns among species types? Describe the patterns and try to explain them according to the characteristics of the taxa involved  Both butterflies, most animals seem to move more, but no clear and consistent trends among species  Importance of corridors depend on species - Going beyond the results o Haddad and colleagues conclude that “in our study, we lack data on population variability and genetic diversity, and our dramatic increases in movement to connected patches strongly suggest, but do not demonstrate, the value of corridors.”  Do you think this statement (“suggest, but do not demonstrate”) is a fair assessment of the
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