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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 22 - Lecture 22: Conservation - Species diversity is scale-dependent - Harlequin frogs may be on their way out o Fungus infections - James Bond (Skyfall) picture o When the villain is talking about how to eradicate rats o Not so simple in real life as what was said in movie - In the real world, that requires 22 tonnes of rat poison, at a cost of $1.8 million o 17 hundred pirates introducing rats to different islands o Rats feed on eggs o Wherever you step, you’ll see a rat o Want to wipe them off the face of the island - What should we protect? o Using genetic diversity to influence choice? o Smaller or larger populations? o Smaller organisms are usually in larger numbers so there might be biased towards saving smaller organisms? - We have to make choices o Level of endangerment o Susceptibility to extinction  Distribution  Migration patterns  Specialized habitat requirements  Certain foods (Panda eating bamboo) o Importance of species, i.e. keystone species - We need to protect populations o Try to preserve a population o In Canada, the bighorn sheep o First thing to know is population size - We can estimate how likely a population will persist into the future o Looking at the current population size and determining how likely they’ll survive after certain amount of years - The M
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