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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 11 - Lecture 11: Connecting small population - Chipmunks move! o 4 blocks of wood forests and the dots are where the chipmunks were found o The lines are the fence ropes o Hash double lines are streams o The arrows show the movement of chipmunks o Are these populations?  YES  NO - We define metapopulations as... o A set of subpopulations within a given area... o ...held together by dispersal or movement between subpopulations - We can use four conditions to define metapopulations o Suitable habitat occurs in discrete patches  If they’re all living in the same area, they’re all synchronized so there’s no reason for us to study it and make up a new term o Even the largest subpopulation has a substantial risk of extinction o Habitat patches must not be too isolated  If they’re too isolated, there’s no movements o Dynamics of subpopulations are not synchronized  If they’re all synchronized, it’s just one big population - The dynamics of a metapopulation are influenced by three variables o Extinction (E) o Colonization (C)
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