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Lecture 6

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 6 - Lecture 6: How do populations change? - Marking can have its problems o We want to get a measure of their size o It’s not a new idea that banding affects animal behaviour o Putting leg bands for finches (different colour leg bands)  Red bands are way more attractive than any other bands and finches with red bands got more mates - Banding impacted penguins o Banded penguins died more often than unbanded o After 4 years of using bands, the penguin is not that much difference between unbanded penguins - Banding had a variety of effects o Cascade of consequences o Lost sufficient of foraging o Because of warmer weather, the birds need to be out longer to get food and especially more time is needed for penguins with bands o So that means less time to breed or have successful breeding o Then the population growth rate decreases - But – how did they do the experiment? o How do you go about comparing the unbanded and banded in this study?  Mark them differently?  Injected a tiny device (32 mm) into the penguin and then hid a wire in the ground which scans when the penguin crossed over it  It’s not a external banner and it did not introduce any problems to the penguins  Decades of paper have to be reanalyzed because they assumed that banding did not affect the penguins - How do populations change over time? - Picture of a beach and water o Strangest place on the globe o Sand dune in the middle of the ocean o Population of 5 people (people who are studying it) o Population of 400 sable ponies - Grey seal population on Sable Island is increasing o In the 60s and 70s, they used flipper tags  Didn’t tag every pup born on the island
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