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Lecture 17

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 17 - Lecture 17: community dynamics - Back to tadpoles and predators o Different predators go after tadpoles - What happens when we keep swimming past the reef? - Communities can be organismic (Clements) o Looking at an environment gradient o Clear separations of communities - Communities can be individualistic (Gleason) o Each species are adapted to a range of environmental conditions of its own o No clear separation between communities, there is a gradual change - Imagine walking up a mountain slope, which concept is more realistic? o Organismic? - Burdock community differs between locations o Burdock grows everywhere, the insect communities changes as it goes from south to north o More individualistic pattern - Grasslands are different o Fire is crucial in maintaining the grassland communities o Larger plants don’t survive those fires - But maybe it’s not species that count - Can we blame the foxes? o YES OR NO? No. Foxes don’t really eat grass o The puffins feed on fish to feed chicks; the puffins were reduced because of the foxes o Foxes reduce puffin populations limited the amount of nutrients that the grass gets from th
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