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Lecture 16

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 16 - Lecture 16: Community - Predators and prey are more than just models o Dance of death  Wolf packs and moose interactions - On average, how successful are predators? o Mostly successful in catching their prey? - How does this dance play out? o 131 encounters o 17 encounters where the moose left before wolf attack o 24 encounters where the moose stood their ground after attempt to attack o 43 encounters where the moose escaped o 12 encounters where moose tried to run away, but in the end stood their ground o 34 encounters where initial escape and then wolves slowed them down and then the moose still escaped in the end o 1 encounter where moose escaped injured o 6 encounters where the wolves are successful in killing the moose - Predators use a range of techniques o Sneaky approach  Angler fish luring prey and swallowing them whole  Egyptian vultures where the throw stones at eggs to crack the shell  Crators in sandy area; build structures to capture prey - Prey also have range of options o Moths and eye spots (coloured wings) and teeth to distract birds o Monarch butterfly are poisonous to birds - Dragonfly larvae are predatory o Preying on tadpoles - Tadpoles respond
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