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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 21 - Lecture 21: Threats to biodiversity - Conservation is concerned with biodiversity o Reduced amount of predatory fishes - Biodiversity changes over time o Diversity is a moving target o Early vascular and pteridophytes increased very early on and now has leveled off o Angiosperms are increasing - And sometimes diversity dropped big time o Plants and animals o By 60 million years ago, it dropped dramatically - McHumor Dinosaur Comic o Extinction of dinosaurs - What is biodiversity? What would we measure? o (discussion) - There are different types of biodiversity o Species diversity o Genetic diversity o Ecological diversity  How many variants of habitats o Phylogenetic diversity o Behavioural diversity  Not all species behave the same  Same species can behave differently in different environments - Are we currently experiencing the sixth extinction? o Globally, still about 30% pure species o In some areas like North America, the species diversity is going up because of conservation and protection of animals o In areas such as tropic South America, there’s a decrease of 44% o But overall, there’s still a continual decline of diversity globally o Total living planet index = -28% - There are a range of causes for the decline of biodiversity o Invasive species? o Pollution? o Habitation fragmentation? o Habitat reduction is the major reason why species are going down o Marine animals is being overexploited the most o Factors: habitat loss, introduced species, overexploitation, pollution, native species interactions, natural causes o IMAGE REMOVED - For
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