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Lecture 20

BIO205 Lecture 20 (Nov 14, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 20 - Lecture 20: Metacommunities and sustainability - Models of island biogeography and metapopulation dynamics are similar o Animals move into certain areas and disappear from certain areas o What factors determine whether they immigrate or extinction? - We can integrate the dynamics of populations, metapopulations and communities - We can study processes at the regional, or landscape, scale o Moving back and forth from patches within metapopulations o 4 conditions that has to be satisfied of metapopulations - Metacommunities expand the concept of metapopulations o Metacommunity is a set of local communities that are linked by the dispersal of multiple potential interacting species o Range of different clichés - Species diversity is scale-dependent o Measure and compare species diversities at the local scale o Measure and compare species diversity at the regional scale o Issues when measuring metapopulations  Boundary issue  Patches experience different disturbances at different time  Patch size and species diversity correlation therefore influencing the diversity of metacommunity as a whole o Issues when measuring metacommunties  Different weather patterns  Succession changes over time  Different time scales o Alpha (local) diversity o Gamma (regional) diversity - We can distinguish three types of diversity o Alpha Local diversity: the diversity of organism in a given homogenous place or habitat o Beta diversity: turnover, difference in species from one habitat to another o Gamma regional diversity: diversity of organisms in all habitats within a large geographic area that includes no significant barriers to dispersal - Which type of diversity do these graphs visualize? o North America  Regional diversity - How would a gyrfalcon or a butterfly experience their landscape? o Gyrfalcon perceives their environment differently from butterfly o Butterfly us
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