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Lecture 14

BIO205 Lecture 14 (Oct 24, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 14PredationWe can draw both isoclines on the same graph o IMAGE REMOVEDIsoclines dont have to be parallel o IMAGE REMOVED o Look at area down in the left bottom corner o When both populations are above carrying capacity youll expect that the populations will declineo The orange area the population 1 is above carrying capacity so we expect it to go down and population 2 is below carrying capacity so we expect it to go up o The green area the population 1 is below carrying capacity and population 2 is above carrying capacity o Unstable equilibrium point Isoclines dont have to be parallel o IMAGE REMOVED o Those 2 lines can cross at a different directiono Orange area below for pop 2o Which directions are the arrows moving A special type of competition predation o 4 cheetahs watching a gazelle picture What happens when there are few predators o Logistically or exponentiallyWhat happens when the predator population continuously increases o The prey population stops growing and decreases We can model predatorprey relationships with LotkaVolterra models o IMAGE REMOVED o c efficiency of predation o b efficiency of food conversion into predator population growth o d probability of mortality Predatorprey relationships can be analyzed with the LotkaVolterra model o Plotting on a single grapho IMAGE REMOVED o And when plotting on a time graph theres a delay of predator increase and then prey going down and predator decreasing and then the cycle starts again o IMAGE REMOVEDLynx prey preferentially on snowshoe haresLynx prey preferentially on snowshoe hares grapho You can see the similar pattern where decreasing in prey population and increasing in predator population and then predator decreasing while prey increases etc o IMAGE REMOVED
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