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Lecture 8

BIO205 Lecture 8 (Oct 3, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christoph Richter

- Lecture 8: Limits on population growth - Graphs of pumpkin seed o (previous lecture) - Life histories are influenced by genotype and environment o IMAGE REMOVED o Low food and low growth o Assume this species reproduce when they’re at 4kg with enough resources, in which their offsprings will also be a decent size and have enough resources to sustain o If there’s not enough resources, then they’ll start reproducing at half of the normal, at 2kg and so their offsprings will also be small o Genotypic plasticity  For our lab, the leaf size can vary by where it’s grown on the tree - Grey seal life history is reflected in their population growth on Sable Island o IMAGE REMOVED - Growth rates are influenced by several factors o Combining all the aspects o Population growth rate o Life history: how many births and deaths are there o IMAGE REMOVED - Reindeer were introduced to St. Paul island in 1910 o 26 reindeer introduced in the middle of nowhere and increased to 2000 around 1940, and then in the next 10 years, declined quickly
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