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Lecture 12

BIO205 Lecture 12 (Oct 17, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 - Lecture 12: Species Interactions - Are you happy with this formula? o - How would you deal with this? o Come with up a new formula? o Use the exponential? o Use the geometric? o Alter the formula to reflect what’s going on?  What’s missing? Interactions between species and populations o Run? - So then, what do we have to consider in the improved formula? o We deal with more than one population  Each population has its own carrying capacity o The individuals of each population interact with those of the other population  They influence each other’s carrying capacity if they share a limiting resource o We need to consider population densities of both populations when studying density- dependent processes of both populations o A decrease in carrying capacity for the population under consideration - Species interactions vary in effect o IMAGE REMOVED - Interactions are agents of natural selection o Finches on the Galapagos island o Seed sizes on the different islands and the finches that inhibits on the islands have different size beaks o Small seeds are easier to eat, so the diet is mostly small seeds o The large seeds gets to reproduce and became more than small seeds o Birds have harder time to find small seeds, and if they have small beaks, it gets hard to eat o The beak size gets bigger and bigger over generation to deal with the large harder to eat seeds - What were the selective forces here? o Bat populations from two areas o Ears for hearing and dete
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