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Lecture 4

BIO205 Lecture 4 (Sept 19, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 Lecture 4 - Lecture 4: Animal Adaptations - The iClicker questions from lecture 3 o Natural selection acts on individual organisms o Evolutionary change occurs in populations - Animals adapt to their environments as well - Aquatic life defined by physics of water o 800 times denser than air o 60 times more viscous than air o Heat transfer 24 times greater than air at same temperature o Sea water has high salinity and no fresh water is available - Light is important - Light attenuates with depth o Light gets reflected back from the surface of the water o Around 30 m depth, only about 40% light (as far as humans can dive) o Wavelength differs determining on depth  Red doesn’t travel that far down  Then orange, yellow, violet, green, blue o IMAGE REMOVED - Amount of light influence temperature o Hypolimnion (below thermocline): no heat o Thermocline: the layer where temperature changes very fast o Epilimnion (above thermocline) o IMAGE REMOVED - Thermoclines vary depending on season and location o In the tropical ocean: doesn’t change much and it’s pretty stable  Stable amount of phyloplankton and zooplankton o In the polar region: not much changes either, but not much thermocline or layering; so it’s like a straight line down of consistent temperature  During the summer months, there’s a huge amount of iron mass so there’s
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