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Lecture 3

BIO205 Lecture 3 (Sept 17, 2012) - EDIT.docx

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Christoph Richter

BIO205 - Lecture 3 - Jane Goodall lecture at the RAWR at 5:30 Sept 18, 2012 - Lecture 3: plant adaptations - How does this work for the sea lion example? o What level of ecology was the sea lion study at?  Population at two different locations; so go beyond the sea lion population and it involves the biome level  There`s no best answer to say which level; all of them are equally valid - Ecology can make history and change society o Phosphate free - Dr. Schindler’s work led to the ban of phosphates in detergents o All laundry detergents are now phosphate free; not too long ago, laundry detergents had phosphate in them o Dr. Schindler`s work led to the ban of phosphates o Wanted to know how lakes worked o Doing experiment on the whole lake; pioneered whole lake experiment o Top part of the lake, introduce nitrate and sucrose; at the bottom of the lake, introduced nitrate, sucrose and phosphate  Top part of the lake looks clean and like it should  The bottom part looks murky and green and there`s lots of algae started to grow because of the phosphate  The algae took up a lot of oxygen and even when it dies, it uses up oxygen  The amount of algae is so intense, it affected the environment and affected the organisms living in the lake - Waking up from the dead video o As soon as the frog touches ice crystal, it will freeze immediately, solid freeze o Sends out signal to the frog to freeze internally; when spring comes, it will wake up from the dead - Waking up from the dead? o The false rose of Jericho can come alive in just a few hours o Resurrection plant - Why should organisms have such abilities? - Conditions on earth vary o Allow organisms to cope with different conditions - Several factors that influence this variability o Nutrients, water, light, energy and heat, climate, soil o Neither factor act by itself but they’re all interconnected - They also cause predictable patterns o Map showing large scale pattern of rainfall o IMAGE REMOVED - Wind patterns produce water currents o Important for conditions that happens on land o Palm trees in Irel
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