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BIO205 info on parasites, mimicry, plant defenses and more

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Monika Havelka

Slide 1parasites dont really want to kill their hostsdoesnt take a lot of brain power to be herbivoreneed more brains to chase down their preya lot of predators vision designed to look for motionzebras stripes make it difficult for predator to determine outline and track motion of zebraaggregation way of protecting themselves from predatorsselfish herdeveryone wants to be in middle of group because then they would be the least likelylast to be eatenweaponry or displaysthorns spikes spines or pretend to be scary lizardmakes itself looks big and may even run after you for a brief timechemical defensesusually advertise compared to those who try to hide through camouflageif really have defenses good to display colours so that it will be easily learned by predator that it really is poisonoustakes one experience and then predator wont touch anything that colourful againbatesian mimicryking snake looks like coral snakeif any organism has had a bad experience with a coral snake it will leave the king snake alonehowever tough luck for king snake if predator hasnt had bad experiencered band near black venom lackking snakered band near yellow bite a fellowcoral snakemullerian mimicryif resemble each other the predator only has to have 1 bad experience and then it will leave all other similar coloured organisms alone ex Bumblebee honeybee and waspplants defend themselves by producing chemica
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