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Lecture #1 Notes

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Maria Arts

Lecture #1: Intro to Ecology Pg 1 Slide 3 - Ecology: the study of relationships between organisms and their environment Slide 4: - More specifically: ecology is the scientific study of interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms Slide 5: - To determine the causes of distribution and abundance of organisms Slide 6: - Many fundamental questions addressed in terms of abundance and distribution Pg 2 Slide 2: - Multidisciplinary; biological disciplines related to ecology Physiology, genetics, behaviour and evolution Slide 3: - Adaptation to environmental change is the result of evolution by natural selection - Evolution: change in genetic structure over time For evolution to occur, there must be variation - Individuals express their genome in their phenotype Phenotypic plasticity: a variation variable expression of the phenotype in response to variability in environmental conditions Genetic information is the same Environment causes variation in phenotypic natureexpression Slide 4: - Environmentalism is a concern - Environmental science: the analysis of human impact on the natural environment - Environmentalism: a social movement attempting to minimize human impact on our planet Slide 5: - We had this belief that we could do anything to our planet, and nothing would happen WRONG Pg 3 Slide 2:
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