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Lecture 20

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George S Espie

Lecture 20 22November1313520 PMsignal sequence is required for transport into the nucleusThe sequence is generally 12 positively charged areas lysine or arginineREFER TO TABLE IN YOUR TEXTinitial interaction with the pores requires aid of NUCLEAR IMPORT RECEPTORS these bind and then interact with the fibrils directing the protein into the porethe pore opens just enough to allow the complex of protein and NIR to enter and then closesGTP hydrolysis is required for this change but the exact mechanism is still unknownthe NIR dissociates in the nucleus and is transported back out of a nuclear pore to the cytoplasm recycledNLS Localization is in the body of the protein Signal Sequences Book Notes Page 1 this diagram is in your textbook and you can see the schematic shows the various stepsprotein binds the complex is transported through then they separate and the NUCLEAR IMPORT RECEPTOR is recycled back out to the cytosol to collect another proteinNote that in the nuclear to cytosol direction you dont seem to need a NIR equivalentFULLY FOLDED proteins and ASSEMBLED ribosomal subunits are tranported in order for proteins to enter the other organelles they must be UNFOLDED as we will see nextReleasing of the protein is a catalyzed reactionRAN a member of GTP binding proteinIt has higher affinity for the binding site than the transport protein Book Notes Page 2
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