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Lecture 9

lecture 9 notes

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Maria Arts

Bio205 Lecture 8 contd 14.10 Animal prey have evolved..: -Behaviour: works in kin selection -distraction displays: -Group living: young are protected in the middle and less attack on vulnerable prey -Cicadas: predation occurs much later then coming out of the ground, it provides advantage as predator response is later then emergence of cicadas -Predator satiation: Most of the offspring are produced in a short period of time 14.11 Predators have evolved efficient hunting tactics: -stalking: search time takes longer as u have to follow ur prey -pursuit: takes less time because it takes less time to follow and look for prey -predators may use camouflage as a way to lure prey -May also mimic the prey species (bumblebee) -Reduce energy of plants because its lost its parts (roots and leaves etc) -Make the plant vulnerable to diseases. 14.13 Plants have evolved..: -secondary compounds: makes the leaves taste bad or toxic so deter herbivore but some herbivores have
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