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Robert Reisz

Lecture 31  Slide 3-nitrogenous chemicals are very harmful to us  Slide 4—all cardiovascular systems need the heart, arterial system, capillaries, and venous system (4 things) o Aorta-one of the largest arties in the body o Arteries-take blood away from the heart o Arteries=oxygenated blood (usually; don’t use oxygen in definition), but pulmonary arteries=low oxygen o Pressure is highest in the arterial system o Venous system returns blood back to the heart; is a blood reservoir o Arteries>capillaries>veins*?  Slide 5-cross section through artery and vein o Artery has a thick wall; very elastic and muscular; can hold greater pressure o Veins=blood goes back to heart; thinner wall; don’t have elastic tissue  Slide 6- y=mm of mercury (convention to measure pressure) o Metarteriole=smallest artery in the body o Friction starts to lower oscillations  Slide 7—pump up cup until pressure inside is greater than outside, so you stop flow; then release pressure on outside until first point where blood can flow out through the open artery; can hear the release of blood  Slide 9—capillaries are very small and walls are
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