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University of Toronto Mississauga
Robert Reisz

092012 Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Announcements: Exams o Identification o Illustration and identify the structure o Structures from notes that he uploaded o Anything uploaded I am responsible of o Model exams will be posted The Axial Skeleton The Vertebral Column o Cervical (7) o Thoracic (12) o Lumbar (5) o *** remember how many by times of the day! o Wake up at 7 o Lunch at 12 o Dinner at 5 o The spinal cord has a curve o The cervical curve is a secondary curve o Once the baby has developed the balance, it will develop the curve o The thoracic curve develops from the organs – primary o Lumbar curve develops when we start to learn how to crawl o Sacral curve – primary curve o Because of organs o PRIMARY – associated with organs o SECONDARY – associated with the environment that we have to adapt to o Coccyx o Reminent of a vertebral tail o Vertebral body has a pad o Articular process has a lagisnas caps o Movement in the neck is different from the lumbar o Vertebral foramen o Is where the spinal cord passes through o Facets are filled with fluids Intervertebral discs o Composed of cartilage pads
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