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BIO211 WEEK 12 (2) Chpts 18 19 20 THE CENOZOIC CLIMATE CHANGE  Evidence for horrenderous elephants cpt 16 or 17  Origin of humans ON TEST ( rationale behind why humans came out of forest and how climate change influenced that  Pliocene – Pleistocene glaciation continued- it grew then receded then grew then receded  10 thousand years ago the glacier started to recede significantly and the continents’ we see now started to form  The northern hemisphere is what changed the most from Pleistocene to todays time  The southern hemisphere didn’t change dramatically- it is keeping us in a glacial situation even to today o We are still in an ice age period and its Antarctica that is keeping us there o It is a larger continental mass then north America, Africa and Asia o And it has a lot of ice sitting on top of it o Whatever happens to the ice will impact the entire surface of the earth  Holocene is the name given to the age after the ice age  Humans arrived over 20 thousand years ago and if so it is unlikely that they are accountable for the extinction of the animals  Was it glaciation? End of glaciation? Or the emergence of humans that caused the extinction of these animals? o The evidence presents that it is least likely that humans were responsible for this  As glaciers receded more land is exposed and this land was open soil devoid of forests  Decomposition releases methane and when soil opened plant material started to decompose  The ice shelf grows in the winter and melts in the summer  Satellites show that the growth is less then what it use to be 10 years ago and it is melting more then it use to 10 years ago     Humans evolved out of Africa o They evolved as tree dwellers o As glaciation increases- cool weather coincides with dryer weather- as that happens trees dry out o And as this happens the humans living in there were forced to adopt to t a different environment that was less tree like o This is the process that forced humans to survive outside of trees and into a bigger environment o Leaving trees also taught us how to stand straight which helped us to see when and where our predators were coming from and we could protect ourselves  The cooling of the climate, elimination of trees and forcing lineage of humans into the savannahs accelerated the change  Large animals
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