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Jessica Hawthorn

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Sexual dimorphism- different shapes as per gender Carboniferous sharks-many different environments Helicoprion- teeth retained in tooth whorl Abundant swamps – Dominated by lycopods (related to club mosses) -spore bearing Seed ferns – Abundant; small bushy plants, or large and treelike - reproduced with seeds, not spores Sphenopsids – Horsetails and relatives – Not found in coal swamps; grew in drier environments-levees and flood plains Gymnosperms-formed woodlands Antarctic wood – Growth slow or interrupted in winter-clear seasonality Cyclothems: cycles of coal beds and marine sediments – Oscillating glacier formation  changes in sea level-changes in sea level-transgression/regression cycles Transgression: swamps flood  marine deposition on top of nonmarine deposits  capped w
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